2016 Lightning Talks

One of our favourite parts of BoS Conferences is the Lightning Talks. Lightning Talks are short, 7.5 minute presentations on anything tech-related with a strict set of rules:

  • 15 slides
  • 30 seconds per slide (they advance automatically)

A simple formula, you might think. But to be informative, entertaining, and concise in such a short amount of time is no mean feat. Timing is everything – it’s much more difficult than you might imagine it to be!

Here are all the lightning talks from the 2016 BoS Conferences.


How Joel on Software Helped Shape the Ukranian IT Industry

Max Ischenko, DOU.oa

Max Ischenko talks about how Fog Creek co-founder Joel Spolsky had a hand in the growth of the Ukranian IT Industry.


Three Things A New Product Team Needs

Jessica Hall, 3Pillar Global

“Putting together a new product team is a real pain in the ass”. What do you need to make it less of a pain? Jessica Hall gives some pointers.


Sense & Response (or How I Learnt To Win A Presidential Election By Using Modern Software Tactics)

Jeff Gothelf & Josh Seiden, Sense & Respond

Josh Seiden and Jeff Gothelf explain how the Obama campaign testing their software systems early gave them an upper hand over the Romney campaign.


Speak Up And Present! Because Your Work Can’t Speak For Itself

Poornima Vijayashanker, Femgineer

Don’t feel like your work is being appreciated? Take an opportunity to step up and speak out about your experiences – you never know who might benefit (hint: you will!).


The Business of Parallelism

Ray Hightower, WisdomGroup

Can a $150 single-board computer compete with a $2,000 Mac? Ray Hightower discusses the ROI potential of the business of parallelism.




Is privacy a red herring?

Joan Mulvihill, Irish Internet Association 

“Instead of turning to God, I had turned to Google. I had turned to Google search for truth”. People lack trust in tehchnology – we need to promote honesty and faith in technology, says Joan Mulvihill.


What Software Companies Can Learn From Shopping Centres

Hugh Durkin, Intercom

Daytons vs Sears, Facebook vs MySpace, Platforms vs Products. Hugh Durkin talks about the growth of the Target Corporation and what software companies can learn from its development.


Business of Not Software

Eamon Leonard, Cohort

Why make software when you can make whiskey? Because making whiskey takes ages… and could take you via Nigeria and China.


The Art of Giving Feedback

Sylvana Rochet, The Insightful Executive

How do you give feedback that will add value? And how do you give a colleague tough feedback in a way that encourages and builds up the relationship? Sylvana Rochet gives some helpful tips.


How to get an extra 120 minutes in your day

Peter Szanto, Springtab

Who wouldn’t want an extra 2 hours in the day? Say no, delegate, simplify. Peter Szanto recommends some lifehacks to be more productive.


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