The Lean Startup Builds on the Work of Some Other Very Smart People

Eric Ries launches his new book, ‘The Startup Way’ this month.

“My research has focused on what causes established companies to maintain success, and The Startup Way provides practical guidance on how to do just that.” Clay Christensen, Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

You should probably get yourself a copy. In  it he shows how to apply the ideas that have become so well established in startups to make larger organizations more agile and innovative. Looking through our copy, we were struck by how many of the speakers at Business of Software over the years have had an influence on his thinking.

Here’s a few recordings of Business of Software talks (transcripts too) from some of the people who Eric cites as driving his thinking…

Eric Ries Book Lean Startup Way London

Rita Gunther McGrath

Created the concept of Discovery Driven Planning in order to encourage a more entrepreneurial mindset in corporations.

The End of Competitive Advantage | Rita McGrath | BoS USA 2013

Alex Osterwalder

The Business Model Canvas is a way of thinking about business planning that is far more flexible and agile than the traditional business plan.

Business Model Innovation | Alex Osterwalder | BoS USA 2011

Clayton Christensen

The Job your Product Does | Prof. Clayton Christensen | BoS USA 2011

Tony Ulwick

Customer Centered Innovation | Tony Ulwick | BoS USA 2014

Bob Moesta & Chris Spiek

Uncovering the Jobs to be Done | Bob Moesta & Chris Spiek | BoS USA 2013

Bob Dorf (co-author with Steve Blank of the Startup Owner’s Manual)

Customer development: the science of acceleration for growth businesses | Bob Dorf | BoS USA 2012

Geoffrey Moore

Crossing the Chasm | Geoffrey Moore | BoS USA 2009

Don Norman

Ten Rules for Successful Products | Don Norman | BoS USA 2009

Steve Johnson

Have We Leaned too Far? | Steve Johnson, Under10 Consulting | BoS USA 2014

And finally, before the Lean Startup was even a book, here is Eric talking about dead white men, the Toyota way, pivots and everything Lean in 2010.

The science of lean startups | Eric Ries | BoS USA 2010

Our favorite slide from this talk – most startups fail – this could do with some updating!

Most Startups Fail

We’re looking forward to catching up with The Lean Startup man himself, Eric Ries, in London, November 15th 2017.

Do join us.

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