Come to #BoSBecause…

Rather than tell you how great our talks are, and how many cool people you’ll share space with (as all conferences do, let’s be honest), we’d rather let our attendees speak for us.

“Do yourself a favour, get to the next BoS if you want to learn how to run your business better.” Steve McLeod, Barbary Software

“If anyone is in the tech space or is the CEO of a fast growing tech business or software firm, it’s the right place for them.” Eloise Bloniarz, Future Workshops

To reassure the cynical among you: we don’t pay anyone to say nice things about us, and these are all comments from real people who have come to our event.

We always ask “what’s the problem you want to solve by coming to BoS?” when people register for Business of Software Conference. This year, people are coming because they want to :

These are reasons people actually gave  – the links are to talks we think will help. And thanks to the attendee who put “Fixing my withdrawal symptoms from BoS 2016”. 🙂

Business of Software is small, because we want to get good conversations going – people come here to share honestly and openly, because they want to learn from each other.

“Because it’s a single track everybody sees the same stuff which means everyone can have a conversation… Other conferences can be very sales oriented, here it is very much about sharing and ideas and building off each other’s’ ideas. It’s a really unique event.” Richard, Fox Advantage

We deliberately keep BoS a single-stream conference, because so many people who come have told us that’s how they like it. It’s not just about the content, it’s also about the community and supportive atmosphere:

“Being a software entrepreneur is kind of a lonely business… when you come here you get the chance to talk to other people who understand and there is a community where you can talk about it.” Andrea Nagar, PhraseExpander

And we know that what people get out of coming to BoS helps them grow their businesses successfully:

“There are so many things… that have made huge impacts on our company. We can actually trace the growth of our company, the financial success of our company, to things we’ve learned directly at Business of Software. It really is that good.” Shawn Anderson,

People say nice things about us elsewhere too:

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wall of awesome 6





So, you should come to #BosBecause of:

Do you need any more reasons to come to Business of Software? Ticket prices go up at the end of each month, so book as soon as you can to get the best rate. (We’re also holding hotel rooms at the venue until August 11, which is another reason not to wait too long to book…) Hope to see you there…


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