Who comes to Business of Software?

One of the things which makes us different from other events is the type of people you’ll meet at BoS.

We are for people who are building long-term sustainable businesses; people who aren’t about short-term hacks and flipping, but who are looking to grow something durable.

57% of BoS USA attendees are C Level, VPs or Founders.

The rest are Product Managers/Leads, Software Engineers, Developers and Marketers who want to know more about how their bits fit into the rest of a successful business. (Fun fact: the Marketers are most likely to have either “Overlord” or “Shepherd” in their job title.)

“It’s not networking, it’s talking to peers who are going through the same kind of issues you’re going through and I think that’s the real value of the event.”

Richard, Director, Fox Advantage

188 different companies attended in 2016. Most companies send a couple of people. Some of them you’ll have heard of. Some of them you won’t have heard of – yet.

The company sizes ranged from 1- over 10,000 employees, with most falling somewhere in the middle – the companies who are scaling and growing and want to share challenges they encounter and learn from others. It’s a good mix where everyone can learn from each other:

“I found myself on the first day at breakfast sitting  next to somebody running a business much bigger than me and instead of him ignoring me, he asked me about my business then he interrogated me about my business, and gave me some really good advice about what to do better.”

Steve McLeod, Barbary Software

Examples of companies who come along include:

Basecamp, Adzerk, Cisco Systems, Admin Arsenal, Adzerk, Cogniance, Dataforce GmBH, Femgineer, IDRsolutions, inFlow Inventory, FrogSlayer, Koombea.com, Microsoft, PHC Software, Readdle, Redgate Software Ltd, Schneider Electric, Software Verify, Software Promotions, Stack Overflow, Total Synergy, Verimatrix, Wistia, Yesware, Zendesk, and many, many more.

As Steve, quoted above, says: “It’s the friendly software conference.” We work hard to create and maintain that vibe, and that’s one of the many reasons people keep coming back.

“It’s one of the few events I go to where you get a nice, honest portrayal of what it’s really like to run a software business. It’s good fun.” (6)