Apply for Lightning Talk at BoS USA 2017

A lightning talk is 7 minutes, 15 slides. The slides advance every 30 seconds… can you get your point across, engage your audience and leave them inspired/enlightened/informed?

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If so, get your application for a Lightning Talk in now: applications close on July 21st.

Successful applicants get a free place at the conference, but competition is fierce so plan your application carefully. Some tips to help you put your best foot forward:

  • Sales pitches are a definite no-no.
  • Be realistic about what you can deliver in 7 minutes.
  • Pick your topic carefully: it’s better to cover 1 idea well than lots badly
  • What’s the key take-away(s) you want  your audience to get out of your talk?
  • Delivery is key to a great Lightning Talk: don’t tell us you’re great, show us. Send us links to past talks you’ve done, or if you haven’t done one before, find a webcam and film yourself speaking to camera.

To get an idea of what’s worked well previously, check out some of our previous Lightning Talks below.

When you’re ready, get your application in – but no later than July 21st. we’ll be in touch with successful applicants by the end of July. GOOD LUCK!


Mark Abramson – Defining Your Customer, Articulating Their Problem

Claire Lew – How To Listen to What Your Employees Need You to Know

James Archer – Design Mistakes That Just Won’t Die


 Apply for a Lightning Talk now

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One response to “Apply for Lightning Talk at BoS USA 2017”

  1. Hello,

    I just want to confirm your link to apply. When I click it it states “If you would like to submit a Lightning Talk at BoS Conference Europe, London, 5-6th June 2017, submit your application here.”

    I am looking for the BoS USA application.

    Thanks in advance.