We heard you liked Business of Software Conference USA 2015

Putting on a conference is hard work (we know, not as hard as running a software business!). Fortunately, we have the best guests in the world. These were just a few of the things that people said in September when we sat back at the end of the conference, exhausted, and said, “Was it worth it?

Thank you.

“Honesty & integrity of the presenters makes it difficult to quantify the value I have taken from BoS”

“Best conference for software entrepreneurs in the world”

“great content, best con ever attended.”

“The magic of this conference is learning about what it really takes to be successful in business, to be inspired in business, and all the f-ups along the way; unlike any other conference I’ve ever attended!”

“bos delivers heavyweight material in a nurturing environment”

“It’s become an indispensable part of my yearly rhythm. I come in feeling overwhelmed and muddled, and I leave feeling clear-headed and inspired. It always seem like the speaker lineup was custom-made for the challenges I’m facing at that time. It gives me a huge boost just to be with my tribe for a couple of days. ”

“High level education and inspiration for anyone trying to make money from software.”

“excellent, compelling content across every aspect of software business. networking gold.”

“unbelievable. really. never fails to deliver.”

“if you are an entrepreneur or budding entrepreneur this is the one conference to be. it is a welcoming and intellectually stimulating environment. ”

“BoS is about sharing with no posturing the challenges and rewards of being a software entrepreneur – or early any kind of leader!”
“Intellectual Red Bull”

“my favorite conference bar none. it was my 8th one and it just keeps getting better.”

“inspiring collection of business leader, role models focused on values not valuations! thanks!”

“best tech conference i’ve been to – actually learned something useful”

“nowhere else can you ind the perfect balance of technical and business people”

“Fantastic content.”

“the definitive sas conference. inspiring, connecting and truly rejuvenating.”

“totally uplifting & exhilarating, can be applied to my small health nonprofit”

“amazing conference; I leave inspired, excited, energized!!”

“highest quality speakers (less crap)”

“be inspired, be authentic, be vulnerable, be with the best people”

“Rich in amazing content and perfectly organized”

“always phenomenal list of presenters, approachable & great individual networking.”

“get inspired to make your company better”

“highly professional with some excellent speakers”

“value not valuation. Useful & practical”

“Smart people helping smart people be better smart people.”

“A great opportunity to step back & get perspective”

“if you want happier founders, employees then come to BoS. Conversely if you’ don’t want these things then stay away.”

“This is a conference that manages to combine casual atmosphere with fabulous high end business knowledge”

“Many hard topics and many big ideas in 3 days.”

“The conference shows you whether you’re an entrepreneur or employee the goal when working in software is to find a passion and life balance”

“eye opening & energizing”

“getting away from the business and setting some perspective = *invaluable*

“a refreshing and thought provoking not too technical look at the technical world of software”

“awesome speakers. They are all passionate about the business of software.”

“The stories behind real businesses that are doing things their own way”

“Informative, Educational, Focusing”

“Better than 99% of conf – still the only one I’d attend”

“Amazing. I re-thought all of my assumptions and learned so much.”

“I always learn new things to take home and implement”

“Still a fantastic conference (!!!) even after all these years!”

“A early ritual I use to get a fresh perspective on software businesses from group of nice, smart people”

“personal, honest people discussing all there is to discuss bout the software business”

“a conference with an abundant amount of relevant information. networking with others is another great attraction to this conference”

“bos helps you continuously learn new things and meet new peers that are critical to making your business successful.”

“welcome change to strictly technical conference”

“I appreciate the engaging atmosphere the conference created, how all speakers and attendees are so eager and sincere to share their experience. It gives me a lot of inspiration”


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