Business of Software Conference in Europe and the USA

Business of Software is seven years old now. Thank you for being part of such an incredible community of people that care about making great software and building great businesses.

Business of Software has always been a global community: last year half the attendees came from outside the US. As we have grown, we have been thinking about how we can grow and work with more amazing entrepreneurs and software developers.

One relatively easy option is to run a bigger conference but honestly, we don’t think this is the right approach. A BoS conference should be intimate and special. Shoveling 1,000 people into a room just doesn’t feel right to us. We do want to grow the community though so we’re excited to let you know that this year there will be US and European Conferences Business of Software UK will take place, 25th-26th June, in (the original) Cambridge, UK.

We want to retain and nurture the original spirit of BoS with another, intimate, thoughtful event where people come to listen and learn, not just broadcast. Both conferences will retain the same values we think we all share but we hope this will offer some European companies that otherwise don’t get to take part regularly a place to come and learn from each other. We also hope that companies wanting to explore the European market will take this as an opportunity to come and explore. Why Cambridge? It’s beautiful in June, it’s the home of computer science, it’s just 20 minutes from Stansted airport – a major European hub, we have a fabulous, intimate venue. (And we live there).

Speakers will include some BoS Conference favourites – Alex Osterwalder, Paul Kenny and others alongside some new faces. If you would like to know more about the event and to hear news of the programme, you can join the BoS Europe email list here. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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In the meantime, as a taster of what BoS UK will be all about, we have released another video from BoS 2013: Patrick McKenzie (@patio11) giving a great talk on how to build what you need for sustained marketing success. We hope you enjoy it and we hope to see you at BoS UK in June – it’s going to be a blast.