Why is Business of Software going to be smaller this year than last?

Registration for BoS 2013 is open but please note we had almost 650 attendees last year but this year there will be a maximum of 400. 

“Why aren’t we making it bigger this year? You will easily sell the tickets.”

Someone recommended a book, Small Giants: Companies that choose to be great instead of big to me on the way home from BoS last year.

It got us thinking – hard.

How can we scale craft?

BoS has more than doubled in size in the past two years but we want to run the best conference in the world, not the biggest.

Simply, the Seaport is more intimate but it does not have the capacity of a larger, more corporate space, so we are going to be selling fewer tickets. Capacity this year is 400 people. (We had 650 guests last year). We want to keep BoS special for our guests. The Seaport is a more intimate venue, making it easier to have the ‘accidental’ but inspiring conversations that are central to the BoS experience. We want to be profitable, but we also want to make sure that we serve the community we have built. Please don’t wait: they are likely to sell out. You will also see a few other developments over the course of the year as we gear up for the seventh Business of Software Conference. Can’t wait to let you know about them.

We hope to see you at BoS 2013.

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27 - 29 September 2021, Online

BoS Conferences are the events professional CEOs and serious founders attend to learn how to build, run, and scale successful software companies.

First batch of speakers and sessions have been announced. Attendance is limited to 300 spots.

"The only place where I feel, professionally, amongst my peers." — Scott Farquhar, founder and CEO of Atlassian

"Software people of the world: If you haven't been to a @bosconference, you should go." — Dharmesh Shah, founder and CEO of Hubspot

2 responses to “Why is Business of Software going to be smaller this year than last?”

  1. Ricardo says:

    Excellent decision! it is about quality and not volume.

  2. Thanks Ricardo. Also, I am a secret introvert…