Congratulations Matthew Lam & some other Business of Software winners…

Appreciate all the feedback via the blog, email and twitter about the new website. You will  see some changes already and more in the offing. We are particularly keen to make sure that video content is easy to find.

Congratulations to Matthew Lam, who wins the case of Soda Pop Sodas. Matthew, please email me your mailing address so we can send it off to you. Thank you.

The extra copies of Clayton Christensen’s book, ‘How will you measure your life?’ have been sent off to registrants this week and we have had some great feedback from some of the people who received the original batch. If anyone felt like running a quick review for the blog, would be interested to know what you thought.

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3 responses to “Congratulations Matthew Lam & some other Business of Software winners…”

  1. Matthew Lam says:

    Woot! I won I won I won!

    Btw, what exactly are “Soda Pop Sodas”?

  2. Matthew Lam says:

    That’s so awesome! That video is very good; inspiring and running in the same “be remarkable” theme that you embrace at BoS. (Ahaha… the metrics question.)

    Yes please! Is each bottle going to be a different flavour? (Can’t wait, can’t wait…) This is going to be great!

    Btw, that bit about Coke, cane sugar, kosher and yellow caps… was very interesting (, but will probably cause the OCD in me to look for them. >_<)