BoS Online Product – Feb 2023


12:00 – 19:00 GMT 🇬🇧 | 07:00 – 14:00 ET 🇺🇸

Learn how great software companies are run with Business of Software. 
BoS brings you into the room with entrepreneurs and experts for sessions and talks on growth, strategy, product management, company culture, leadership and more.

BoS is designed to bring you together with other smart people to learn together and help you feel part of a supportive community of SaaS & software entrepreneurs who want to build great products and companies.

What to expect

    • Online learning works really well
    • You can be transported virtually right into the offices of the speakers you love to hear at a push of a button
    • Learning shouldn’t always come with a carbon footprint

Zoom fatigue is real. We’ve seen how – despite not needing to pack or travel – spending two or three days in front of a camera can zap all your energy. So we are keeping it simple with single day symposiums meaning less time sat at your desk and more time spent learning new things and putting them into action.



If you want to be one of the amazing people supporting Business of Software Conferences this year get in touch and one of our team will discuss the wonder

Getting Your Tickets

You can save over 50% if you bring your team or come to more than one event.

  • Bring a team of three for less than the cost of two – use code TEAM3.
  • Bring a team of six for less than the cost of three – use code TEAM6.
  • Register one person for a series of three conferences.

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