Tania Katan

Tania Katan
Tania Katan

Tania has made a vocation out of defying convention in order to create a platform for everyone to shine.

Currently, Tania travels the world consulting, empowering people and companies to find inspiration where others see only limitations. Some of these people/companies include: Expedia, Humana, Etsy, Carbon3D, Moz, S.H.E. Summit, Wonder Women Tech, CiscoLive!, GoDaddy, TEDx, Comedy Central Stage, and more. Her creative sneakery has been featured in the New York Times, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, Huffington Post, TIME, ReadWrite, BuzzFeed, Mashable, USA Today, CNN, and more. Formerly the Curator of Performing Arts at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, then the Brand Evangelist for software company, Axosoft, Tania learned the alchemy in merging art with Agile. Katan’s forthcoming book, Creative Trespassing, will be published by Penguin Random House in February, 2019. www.taniakatan.com

Talks by Tania Katan

Creative Trespassing – How To Sneak More Creativity Into Your Work & Get More DoneSeptember 2018

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