Stephen Allott

Stephen Allott, Pebble Code
Stephen Allott

Stephen Allott is a business and social entrepreneur, Venture Partner at Seedcamp, author of Sales Tales, chairman of Aspirant Analytics and Founder of the Cambridge University Computer Lab Ring, with 272 graduate founded companies in its Hall of Fame.

Stephen also set up a non-profit called Cambridge Ring to back companies started by Cambridge University Computer Science and Technology graduates. He spent three years setting this up pro bono as a passion project. Some of its greatest successes include DeepMind Technologies, which was bought by Google, Raspberry Pi, and ARM, which is the most common chip architecture in the world.

Talks by Stephen Allott

Scenario Planning for an Uncertain FutureApril 2020
Rules & Tools For Scaling Software SalesApril 2018
Growing Profitable Businesses in the Second Machine AgeApril 2016
How to Scale a Successful Software BusinessApril 2015

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