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Simon Johnson Freshdesk
Simon Johnson

As UK General Manager, Simon leads Freshdesk’s efforts to grow its market penetration throughout the UK. Freshdesk is one of the world’s fastest growing SaaS companies.

In six years, Freshdesk has grown exponentially and today has more than 1100 employees helping over 100,000 businesses in 145 countries, deliver more personal support to their customers. Simon has grown a top-performing UK team from the ground up at Freshdesk, and has a wealth of experience building sales and commercial teams from his long-term role as Global Head of Sales at Redgate Software. Simon’s experience includes building and growing successful sales teams in the UK, US and Asia, and also growing channel and penetration projects through the UK. As well as being a dedicated husband and father of two, Simon is also a keen sportsman and enjoys playing and coaching football, and running marathons.

Talks by Simon Johnson

Taking on New Territory – The Three Pillars of Successful ConquestApril 2017

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