Rob Castaneda

Rob Castaneda, ServiceRocket
Rob Castaneda

Rob will share some ideas to help ensure your customers use your software as well as the mistakes that almost killed his company, ServiceRocket.

Rob Castaneda started Customware in 2001, which became ServiceRocket in 2013, to help some of the world’s best software companies help their customers make the best use of their software. He makes his home in Palo Alto with his wife, Aimee, and their three children. He can often be heard trying to riff on the guitar somewhere in the ServiceRocket office, and considers himself to be Joe Satriani’s Number One Fan and look-a-like. He hopes to one day join his idol on stage, but for now, any place with an electrical outlet will do.

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Some Things Great Software Companies Do That You Don’t Have ToSeptember 2016

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