Jana Eggers

Jana Eggers Naralogics AI
Jana Eggers

Jana is CEO of Nara Logics and a veteran tech executive focused on products and the messages surrounding them.

She has started and grown companies, as well as led large organisations within even bigger companies. She supports, subscribes, and contributes to customer-inspired innovation, systems thinking, lean analytics, and the Autonomy/Mastery/Purpose-style leadership. Her software and technology experience comes from technology and executive positions at Intuit, Blackbaud (software for nonprofits), Basis Technology (internationalisation technology), Lycos, American Airline’s Sabre (decision support systems for logistics), Los Alamos National Laboratory (computational chemistry and supercomputing), Spreadshirt (customised apparel platform and ecomm), and acquired startups that you’ve never heard of. Eggers received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science at Hendrix College in Arkansas and attended graduate school at Rensselaer Polytechnic in computer science.

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What Do We Need to Know About AI?September 2016

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