Greg Baugues

Greg Baugues
Greg Baugues

Greg Baugues (pronounced ‘bogus’) – aka GreggyB – is a developer and storyteller based in Brooklyn.

He has spent 2023 exploring AI and its applications, sharing his thoughts at after serving as Director of Developer Relations and the Community Teams at Twilio.

Prior to this he worked in various roles at a software consultancy called Table XI in Chicago. He has Type II Bipolar and ADHD and has been writing and speaking about mental illness in the developer community, ever since he lost a coworker, Caleb Cornman, to untreated mental illness. He moved from Chicago with his wife, daughters and dog, to Brooklyn in 2016.

He has spoken at Business of Software Conference on the topic of mental health and what companies can do to support their employees in difficult times. He is the only person to have ever received a standing ovation for their talk.

Talks by Greg Baugues

Someone Using AI Will Take Your JobSeptember 2023
Mental Health – What You Can DoSeptember 2018
Developers, Entrepreneurs and DepressionSeptember 2013

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