Dana Denis-Smith

Dana Denis-Smith Obelisk Support
Dana Denis-Smith

Dana Denis-Smith, ex-lawyer and journalist, founded obelisksupport.com in 2010 to keep City lawyers, especially mothers, working flexibly, around their family or other personal commitments and to provide clients with an affordable and quality legal support.

Obelisk has grown at over 100% a year since foundation and now counts 1,200 lawyers on its books – initially almost exclusively women though men now make up almost 25% of the service providers.

ObeliskSupport was named by The Times as one of UK’s Top 50 Employers for Women in 2015 and 2016 and Dana was described as, “constantly finding new ways to get alternate ways of working accepted and has helped provide a voice of reason in a hotly debated area”.

Talks by Dana Denis-Smith

Human First, Everything Else Comes AfterApril 2017

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