Clarke Ching

Clarke Ching
Clarke Ching

Clarke is an expert in Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints – he has to be in his role as Agile Lead at Royal London, the UK’s largest mutual life and pensions company with over 5,000,000 policyholders and 500,000 members.

Clarke wrote, ‘Rolling Rocks Downhill‘, an Agile business novel that never mentions Agile and, ‘Rocks into Gold – The Agile Parable.‘ Clarke’s aims to make software developers happier in their work – making IT profitable is the first stepping stone. He is passionate about Agile, but not a zealot. He lives in Scotland with his wife, 2 daughters, and an iPad Pro.

Talks by Clarke Ching

Rock, Paper, Scissors – Stuff So Easy You Wouldn’t Believe It WorksApril 2016

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