Bill Janeway

Bill Janeway
Bill Janeway

Bill Janeway has lived a double life of ‘theorist-practitioner’, according to economist Hyman Minsky. As ‘practitioner’, Bill’s been an active investor across five decades.

As ‘theorist’, he’s an affiliated member, Faculty of Economics, Cambridge University, board member of the Social Science Research Council and the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences. He’s also a co-founder and member of the Governing Board of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET). His book, Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy: Markets Speculation and the State, was published in 2012: the second edition will be published in 2018. You can see him talk about the value of bubbles to society at BoS Conference Europe 2014 here.

Talks by Bill Janeway

The Rise & Fall Of Enterprise SoftwareApril 2018
Productive BubblesApril 2015

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