Kevin Boyle: Engineering Your Way to $30m ARR

Kevin will share some lessons learned in launching and building Gearset, a fast growing andself-funded SaaS company serving Salesforce developers.

Gearset was founded by an amazing team of product folks, with a heavy bias towards software engineers. Scaling from those engineering roots to a well-balanced company of sales, marketing, customer success and product development has been an amazing journey. It has required continuous personal growth and repeatedly embracing discomfort to keep up with what the business requires.

In this talk, Kevin will discuss how his role has evolved over time as well as how he has addressed some of the challenges he’s faced leading a fast-growing self-funded SaaS company which recently took its first investment, a $55 million growth round from Silversmith Capital Partners.

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2-4 October USA (Raleigh, NC) | 25-26 March Europe (Cambridge, UK)

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  • Leadership
  • Pricing & Sales

Kevin Boyle

CEO & co-Founder, Gearset

Kevin is a software engineer that hasn’t written a line of code in the last 3 years. He studiedComputer Science in Belfast, before moving to Cambridge to work for Autonomy, Redgate and eventually starting Gearset.

Gearset is now 150 people with $30mm in ARR and has meant that Kevin’s spent the the last 6 years with an unhealthy work/life balance growing Gearset, but loved [nearly] every minute of it

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Check out our upcoming events

2-4 October USA (Raleigh, NC) | 25-26 March Europe (Cambridge, UK)