Nick Francis: Designing a Company for Profit and Purpose

A paradigm shift is well underway among company-builders all over the world. For a business to reach its long-term potential, its purpose is just as important as the profits. Nick talks about what makes this philosophy so challenging and how you can be successful. Expect to be challenged to consider some of the paths you can take to create an organization you, your team, and your customers are proud to be part of, where your people can do their best work.


Nick Francis

CEO & Founder, Help Scout

Nick has been starting businesses since he was 15. He sees entrepreneurship as an opportunity to get outside his comfort zone daily, learn at a high velocity, have a big impact, and have a lot of fun.

He loves building products that work for small businesses, but is just as passionate about remote work, DEI, and refactoring capitalism. He believes a company can only fulfill its market potential by balancing profit and purpose – leaving customers, employees, shareholders, their community, and the environment better off.

He lives in Boulder, CO with wife Anastasia and dog Elvis. 

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