Breakout: Customer Experience as an Opportunity for Revenue Growth

84% of customers now see experience as important as products or services.

What are the hurdles companies face in delivering a seamless customer experience?

In this session with our supporter Workato, Josh will show how Revenue Operations (RevOps) – any business functions interacting directly with customers – can break the silos across the GTM to delight customers. He will show how automation can make customer-centric processes more efficient and why you often need to work with distributed data to redefine these processes for automation. He will also answer your questions about taking practical steps to improve your customer experience and revenue growth.

Josh Bradbury

RevOps Solutions, Workato

Josh is a seasoned growth leader having spent the last 10 years of his career defining, developing and implementing growth solutions for the world’s leading technology brands including Apple, SAP & Autodesk. Josh has helped these companies in bringing together technology, methodology and organisational structure to drive successful growth strategies across new sectors, regions and product lines.

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