Dr Alison Vincent: Building an Effective Board

You know a great board can play a significant role in building a successful company but how can you build one that brings you value? Great board members are an expensive resource and understanding how to ensure they bring you the most value is a critical part of making your business a success. How can you choose, find and work with the people that can take your company to the next level?

Alison will discuss how you can build and manage an effective board for your business. She’ll share her experience as an executive and board adviser to help you identify the right people, what you should expect from them and how you can use them most effectively. She’ll also discuss how you know when you need to change your board as your company evolves.

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25-26 March 2024 Europe (Cambridge, UK) | USA 2024 (details coming soon!)

  • Hiring
  • Leadership
  • Strategy

Dr Alison Vincent

Independent Adviser

Alison is a hugely experienced CTO, CISO and business leader in large global ICT companies including IBM, Micro Focus, Cisco and, most recently HSBC where she served as Group CISO.

She is now a Non Executive on a number of public and private boards and a trusted technical advisor to start ups. She is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the British Computer Society, and the Institution of Engineering and Technology. She has a passion for people, fun and technology, a Phd in Maths and Cryptography, and enjoys skiing in her spare time.

Check out our upcoming events

25-26 March 2024 Europe (Cambridge, UK) | USA 2024 (details coming soon!)

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