Lucy Heskins: Building an Effective Go-to-Market Strategy

You’ve got a product that genuinely solves a customer problem but you don’t know how many customers are out there, how to find them and make them customers. You also realise you’re not certain if you’re charging enough.

Lucy will discuss how to create your go-to-market strategy in a way that will help direct your activity and give your team and board confidence in your approach.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Ways to identify your profitable customers, not those who won’t ever pay for your product.
  • Questions you can ask that actually unlock value for your product and marketing teams.
  • The marketing channels available and how to select the right ones.
  • How to think about price and build in repeat usage.
  • How to think about the wider business model and increase your chances of success from the start.

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2-4 October USA (Raleigh, NC) | 25-26 March Europe (Cambridge, UK)

  • Growth
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

Lucy Heskins

Founder, OhBlimey

Lucy is an early-stage startup marketer who works with founders to validate, create and build their businesses, primarily in the b2b tech industries. She was the marketing lead and employee number one at subscription learning platform, Careercake, a video learning platform that achieved 400x growth, supporting 10 million learners, from over forty countries that was acquired by the world’s leading e-learning platform, SocialTalent in 2022.

Check out her take on her first BoS Conf in 2022

Check out our upcoming events

2-4 October USA (Raleigh, NC) | 25-26 March Europe (Cambridge, UK)

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