Scaling culture

Dharmesh Shah – Co-founder & CTO, HubSpot

“There is a fine line between hiring for culture fit and just toxic homogeneity.” Dharmesh is back at BoS2013, to look at a very precious and poorly understood asset for software companies – culture.

Whilst Dharmesh himself claims to not even like humans (a point that he made to Hubspot’s CEO, Brian Halligan) when responsibility for Hubspot culture ended up on his desk, he approaches the subject with the same analytical zeal that any technophile would – by looking at culture as a coding thing.

The culture in a company is a powerful thing and it doesn’t have to be an accidental by product: it can be a conscious choice, initiated by the founders and carried on by the team. So, let’s say you’re a founder: how do you decide what cultural choices to make?

Video below – watch out for duck-billed platitudes.