Thinking About Exits: A BoS Playlist

thinking about exits playlist business of software bannerFor any founder, thinking about selling your company is a hugely emotional decision. Your company is your baby – you spent years building it, nurturing it, pouring your time into it night and day. You didn’t build a business just so you could sell it, it’s more than that to you. But there are a lot of legitimate reasons for thinking about selling your company.

This playlist of BoS talks is here to help you consider some different perspectives on acquisitions. In these talks from Business of Software Conferences the founders of ShipCompliant, BrightGauge, SwiftKey, and SourceGear talk about how they approached the question. Some enjoyed the experience, some did not. Before you commit to selling your business, hear the experiences and advice of founders who’ve already gone through the thought process.

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Thinking About Exits