Supporting Your Team’s Wellbeing: A BoS Playlist

Business of Software Playlist Supporting your team's wellbeingAs a manager or entrepreneur, supporting your team should be at the top of your list of priorities. But often we find ourselves leading a team without having any real training in how to manage people well. How do you cultivate trust with your team? How do you know if you’re a good or bad manager? And how do you support someone on your team if they’re struggling with their mental health?

This BoS Playlist is here to help. It opens with 3 talks that will help you learn how to support those your team facing the sadly common issues of burnout, imposter syndrome, and mental health struggles from amazing speakers Dr Sherry WallingGreg Baugues, and Tiffany Da Silva. The final 2 talks are about how you level up as a manager, as Claire Lew and Gareth Marlow talk about how to build trust and audit whether you’re accidentally being a bad manager.

Get this BoS Playlist now and learn how to support your team’s wellbeing. You will also get the latest news from Business of Software Conference, including the chance to watch the latest talks from Business of Software as soon as they’re released.

Supporting Your Team’s Wellbeing