SaaS Marketing 101: A BoS Playlist

saas marketing 101 playlist business of software
Marketing is simple, right? Get that branding consultancy in and spend a fortune on Google Ads, and you’re set… NOT. Marketing is a tricky. Channels constantly evolve, and what worked really well for you as a startup isn’t necessarily going to work as you scale. We’ve gathered 5 of the best talks from Business of Software Conferences over the years on the topic to give you a practical guide to the subject – think of it as a SaaS Marketing 101 class.

Andrus Purde kicks off the playlist with a look at how a SaaS Marketing team needs to evolve as your business grows. Then we get tactical: April Dunford gives a blinding talk on Positioning, and Joanna Wiebe teaches you all the copywriting tips you could ever need. Nilan Peiris then shares how TransferWise optimised for Word-of-Mouth recommendations, and the legend that is Seth Godin closes the playlist with some thoughts from his long and illustrious career in the marketing world.

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SaaS Marketing 101