Tips For Leading A Remote Team: A BoS Playlist

Remote WorkingCEOs of prominent remote working companies declared the 20s as the ‘Remote Work Decade’. The prophecy came to pass slightly quicker than any of us imagined… Around the globe and with little chance to prepare, most businesses became remote-only by necessity in 2020.

If your team suddenly were forced to work remotely, you probably have some serious questions: How do I help my team communicate well? How do I run effective meetings? How do I onboard new employees remotely? How do I support my team better?

This BoS Playlist is here to help. We’ve gathered 5 top talks on remote working from CEOs of remote companies including Zapier, WildbitBalsamiq, and Doist – plus, the incredible story of a fully remote tech company from the 1960s. No, really.

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Tips For Leading A Remote Team