Adrienne Barnes: How to Talk to Customers

Everyone knows talking to customers is a good thing. Often, however, speaking to customers doesn’t mean you build a better product or marketing strategy. You don’t really learn anything new or – worse – you worry your customers are inconvenienced.

It is usually because you are asking the wrong questions and having the wrong kind of conversations.

In this online breakout session, we will discuss approaches that will not only help you ask the right questions to inform your product and marketing decisions, they will help your customers make progress too.

Adrienne Barnes

Founder, Best Buyer Persona

A BoS regular, Adrienne is the Founder of Best Buyer Persona and a B2B SaaS Content Marketing consultant. Best Buyer Persona was founded in 2018 and helps SaaS companies define their best buyers using the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework.

When she’s not identifying companies’ best buyers, she’s using her customer research skills to create unique and effective content marketing strategies. She’s worked with amazing companies such as: Catchpoint, Audiense, Stripe, Demio,, Unbounce, and Smartling.

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