Breakout: JTBD and Selling Your Company

In this session, Bob and Paulina will discuss how the four forces come into play when Paulina sold her business, Shopkeeper from two perspectives: Paulina’s thought process as she moved from running the company to selling the company; and on the buy side, how an acquirer will assess the opportunity.

Understanding both sides of this process will offer insight into your considerations as you approach and prepare for a sale as well as offering you insights into the questions that an acquirer has that you can address before you enter a process.

Paulina Masson

Founder, ShopKeeper & CreatorBooks

Paulina is a software developer and serial entrepreneur with experience of building and selling companies she has founded. ShopKeeper was a profit dashboard for Amazon sellers and building the company gave her a deep understanding of what makes a business profitable. Paulina created ShopKeeper for personal use, but quickly understood it could be very useful to other sellers, so opened it up to the public.

After selling ShopKeeper she founded CreatorBooks, a company that aggregates earnings for creators from YouTube ads, Patreon donations, affiliate programs and product sales, so creators can focus on creating new content.

Bob Moesta

Bob Moesta

Founder, ReWired Group

Bob is a founder, maker, innovator, speaker, and now a professor. Pioneer of Jobs to be Done theory, an expert on creating, developing, and launching new products and services.

His work with tech companies such as Intercom, Basecamp and many more has helped adapt the Jobs to be Done theory to technology products.

Bob has been one of the principal architects of Jobs to be Done in the mid-90s along with Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen, and has continued to develop and apply the innovation framework to everyday business challenges.

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