Breakout: The Connected Product Experience

In a sea of SaaS applications, well-integrated solutions stand out: They are significantly stickier, delivering greater value and reducing churn. For SaaS providers, providing these integrations – especially for Enterprise customers – is cumbersome and hard to scale, creating challenges for both product and services teams alike.

What if connecting anything to your product was just a point and click away? What if an embedded integration platform could also support process flows within and across your applications?

Tashi Sherpa

Embedded Account Executive

Tashi Phinjo Sherpa has been involved in Software as a Service for the past 3 yrs having experience breaking status quos that has been the traditional approach where he introduces disruptive technologies to companies he partners with.

In his professional journey having started in a transactional selling model with HP Inc and moving into a more software focused model with technologies like Caravelo: Travel Subscription / Flight Revenue Optimisation / Customer Service Automation to  Workato where he consults on Embedded Integration & Automation Strategies 

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