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BoS Masterclass_ User Research - Uncovering Compelling Insights Through Interviews with Steve Portigal

You’ll find all the information you need for this BoS Masterclass here, including:

  • What you need to participate
  • A link to join the BoS Slack Channel
  • Details of pre-work to be completed before the Masterclass begins
  • Zoom links to join each session of the Masterclass


About this Business of Software Masterclass

Most people think they can do interviews. Most of the time they’re wrong.

Customer research is a key requirement for anyone needing to shape their product development strategy and interviewing is undeniably one of the most valuable and commonly used user research tools. Yet it’s often not used well, because it’s based on skills we think we have (talking or even listening), it’s not taught or reflected on, and people tend to “wing it” rather than develop their skills.

In this Business of Software Masterclass, Steve Portigal, one of the world’s leading user researchers, will offer a highly actionable and interactive session that will walk you through the critical steps involved in using customer interviews to understand what users really want from your product.


What You Need

To participate fully in this online masterclass, you will need:

  • A Zoom account (paid or free, either is fine). You can sign up for a free account here.
  • A Webcam and Microphone (the one built into your laptop/phone will be fine, but if you have something snazzier that’s even better!)
  • To join the BoS Slack Channel.

The Masterclass will take place on Zoom. When you click the Zoom links to join the event, you will appear on screen in a Zoom meeting, so make sure you’re ready to be seen!

We’ll be using Slack to communicate before and during the event. Hop in to the #masterclass_uncovering-insights-from-interviews-with-steve-portigal channel now to introduce yourself.



Please complete the following 2 tasks before the first session of the Masterclass.

1 – Please watch this video.

You can stop at 34:30 or so if you prefer; the rest of the video will be the homework after the class.

2 – Please fill out this short introduction form.


Joining Links

Session 1 – Tuesday 16th June, 9-11am PT / 12pm-2pm ET / 5-7pm BST

Session 2 – Thursday 18th June, 9-11am PT / 12pm-2pm ET / 5-7pm BST

Slack – Join here

(Join the #masterclass_uncovering-insights-from-interviews-with-steve-portigal channel)


Contact Details

If your have any questions, please email