Masterclass: User Research – Uncovering compelling insights through interviews

EB - Part 1, Customer Interviews

9-11am PT / 12pm-2pm ET / 5-7pm BST, 16 & 18 June


Most people think they can do interviews. Most of the time they’re wrong. This Masterclass will give you an understanding of how to do customer interviews that matter.

It’s never been more important to align the purpose of your product with the real needs of your customers. Customer research is a key requirement for anyone needing to shape their product development strategy and interviewing is undeniably one of the most valuable and commonly used user research tools. Yet it’s often not used well, because it’s based on skills we think we have (talking or even listening), it’s not taught or reflected on, and people tend to “wing it” rather than develop their skills.

In his Business of Software MasterclassSteve Portigal, one of the world’s leading user researchers, will offer a highly actionable and interactive session that will walk you through the critical steps involved in using customer interviews to understand what users really want from your product.

The Masterclass is limited to just 12 attendees, to ensure attendees get maximum value.

You Will Learn

  • The importance of rapport-building and listening (and learn techniques for both)
  • Different types of questions to ask, and how to know which is the right question to ask
  • How to frame problems that your customers face
  • Contextual research methods that can be built on top of interviewing in a seamless way
  • Best practices for customer interviews
  • How to debrief from interviews and process insights and observations efficiently

Dates & Times

This BoS Masterclass will take place over two 2-hour sessions in the same week. You will also be set 1 hour of work to be completed before the first session.

Session 1: 9-11am PT / 12pm-2pm ET / 5-7pm BST, Tuesday 16th June 2020
Session 2: 9-11am PT / 12pm-2pm ET / 5-7pm BST, Thursday 18th June 2020


About Steve

Principal of a boutique consultancy. Committed to helping clients take ownership of new insights about their customers; thereby driving changes in products, services, designs, messages and processes.

Specialities: ethnographic research, innovation, qualitative market research, user experience, facilitation, design, ideation, leading workshops, process improve

An elite author, Steve has written books, articles, and podcasts including:

  • Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries: User Research War Stories
  • What I Learned From 100 Doodles In 100 Days
  • Dollars to Donuts
  • Interviewing Users:How to Uncover Compelling Insights
  • Content, the Once and Future King
  • Stick to the Knitting
  • The Power of Bad Ideas

Masterclass User Research Steve Portigal

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