Attendee Info

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You’ll find all the information you need for this BoS Masterclass here including what you need to participate, preparation work before the Masterclass begins (NB, this will take an hour, ideally well in advance), links for the BoS Slack Channel and to join each session.

Joining Links

The Masterclass will take place in a Zoom meeting – make sure you’re ready to be seen.

Preparation Pre-Event

Before the Masterclass, you should spend some time to prepare so we can get stuck in to the good stuff quickly.

1 – Complete the online course “Rev Up Your Dev Teams Using Theory Of Constraints“. It will take 1 hour.

  • Enrol in the course here using code ‘BOS2020’ so you will not be charged
  • The course will take approximately 1 hour watching the videos at 1.25x speed. This is the foundational knowledge you need to make masterclass sessions as interactive as possible – please watch the videos in advance.
  • Slack – Join the Masterclass Slack Here (Join the #masterclass_theory-of-constraints-usa-with-clarke-ching channel). Introduce yourself and explain briefly what you think the most important bottleneck is in your company.

2 – Bonus Points – Read ‘The Bottleneck Rules’

About the Masterclass

This Business of Software Masterclass led by Clarke Ching will teach you how to speed up your dev teams without hiring more devs. You will come with some understanding of the theory of constraints and the challenges you currently face in your organisation and leave with a clear understanding of what that means for you in practical terms in your own situation.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, please email