Masterclass: Find Your Metrics That Matter


How it Started
“We have a tendency to overcomplicate things.”
“This feels too siloed, everyone pulling in different directions”
“We’re behind target, and all our ideas feel like guesses and hunches.”

Good news: There’s probably an easy fix
What if we told you the answer was a 16-row spreadsheet? Amazon, Google, Facebook, PayPal, Twitter – All the great Silicon Valley companies align around a North Star Metric and 3 “key drivers” because that simple framework has incredible power to align and focus the team.

The Most Common Mistake
The most common mistake is aligning whole team around a revenue target. (That doesn’t sound like a mistake – but revenue is an output, and most of the confusion regards the inputs that drive it.)

Find Your Metrics that Matter

In this session Matt will take you through the methodology that’s used by the most successful Silicon Valley companies. That includes setting your North Star Metric, plus a narrow set of key driver inputs. Importantly, you’ll identify your rate-limiting step, the bottleneck where you need to focus to have the biggest impact on your growth. Finally, Matt will talk about how to roll out this framework across your team, and a simple set of conversations you can have to ensure people are aligned and making good decisions around how to spend their time and money.

The session is limited to 12 companies, so Matt can spend time working closely with each of you to think through your business and correctly apply the framework.

How it’s Going

“They saved us months of focusing on the wrong areas and gave us the tools to tackle the right ones in earnest. I only regret we didn’t do this 12 months ago!”
Rob O’Donovan, Co-Founder @ Charlie HR

“They helped us shift our employees mindsets from perfectionism into a more entrepreneurial / hacky approach, so everyone behaves much more like founders. In an 8 person team that is priceless!”
Billie Quinlan, Co-Founder, Ferly


Session One: 8am-10am PT / 11am-1pm ET / 4pm-6pm GMT, Thursday 18th February 2021

Session Two: 8am-10am PT / 11am-1pm ET / 4pm-6pm GMT, Thursday 25th February 2021


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About Matt Lerner

As Founder of Startup Core Strengths, I’ve run through this Metrics exercise with over 100 tech companies, and we have a 96% “Founder Likely to Recommend” score. Previously, I was on the early growth team @ PayPal, a Partner @ 500 Startups, and I lecture at Stanford Business School and Imperial College.