Masterclass: Making informed strategic decisions when you don’t have time to think

Gareth Marlow Masterclass Making decisions


You’re running as fast as you can right now. The problem with running fast is that you can cover a lot of distance but it can take you further away from where you need to be. Your job was hard enough in the first place but the additional challenges that come from operating in a highly uncertain market, alongside the complications of work from home, put an additional burden on your responsibilities.

This masterclass will help you to take stock and understand how to work through some of the challenges you face in your business now. It will offer a framework for you to prioritise and deliver an evidence-based action plan that means you control your direction of travel.

The Masterclass is limited to just 12 attendees, to ensure attendees get maximum interaction time with Gareth.

You Will Learn

  • How to manage and prioritise some of the big strategic challenges you face in your business today.
  • How to strike a balance between spending your time between the short and long term needs of your team.
  • How to build a plan to prioritise your next steps.

Dates & times

This BoS Masterclass will take place in two 2-hour sessions. You will be also be set approx 1 hour of work to be completed before the first session.

Session 1: 10am-12pm ET / 3pm-5pm BST, Wednesday 24th June
Session 2: 10am-12pm ET / 3pm-5pm BST, Wednesday 1st July


About Gareth Marlow

Gareth helps CEOs and leadership teams of tech startups and scaleups to grow their business, develop and retain great employees; delegate more and become less stressed. Spending time unblocking teams by helping them to take complex commercial, product and organisational decisions; build strategy then create and execute plans which deliver.

Gareth can help you to nail execution: putting continuous improvement and a laser focus on results into the heart of your culture; identifying and living the values which drive engagement, performance and passion in your business; designing the organisation for now and the future.

Gareth Marlow Masterclass Making decisions

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