Masterclass: Leading Product Management Teams

Eventbrite Header updated with July date10am-12pm ET / 3-5pm BST, 14 & 16 July


The jump from being a Product Manager to overseeing Product Managers/Owners is a big one. Most product leaders have little internal peer support for understanding and defining their roles. Our challenges demand fresh skills and organizational strategies, even as product-level work pulls us back into execution mode.

This Business of Software Masterclass, led by Silicon Valley product guru and author of ‘The Art of Product Management’ Rich Mironov will give you a practical approach and useful frameworks to help you lead your product management team successfully.

The Masterclass is limited to just 12 attendees, to ensure attendees get maximum interaction time with Rich.

You Will Learn

  • What product leaders do that’s different from individual product managers
  • How different product organizations are structured
  • The drivers and motivations for other functional groups
  • How to navigate prioritization, politics and alignment when internal stakeholders disagree
  • How to quantify and sell the benefits (outcomes) of product management
  • Different ways to build and structure your product team
  • Why sales/marketing groups don’t (want to) understand trade-offs
  • The critical need for all of your product managers to get *direct* end-user input

Dates & times

This BoS Masterclass will take place in two 2-hour sessions in the same week. You will be also be set 1 hour of work to be completed before the first session.

Session 1: 10am-12pm ET / 3-5pm BST, Tuesday 14 July 2020
Session 2: 10am-12pm ET / 3-5pm BST, Thursday 16 July 2020


About Rich 

Rich is a seasoned executive and serial entrepreneur – he has been the ‘product guy’ (as CEO/VP Product) at six startups. With deep technical roots in B2B infrastructure, SaaS and consumer online, Rich combines ‘what-we-can-build’ with ‘what-markets-want’.

He has been relentlessly blogging, speaking, teaching and mentoring on software strategy, product management for more than a decade. Today he coaches executives, product management teams and agile organizations.

Rich has three big things he cares a lot about:

  • Organizing the product organization.
  • Being agile.
  • Scaling up.

He wrote The Art of Product Management and is a voice for the scrappy entrepreneur in all of us.

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