Masterclass: Customer Interviews using JTBD (Attendee Info)

Everything you need to know for your Masterclass

This masterclass is an opportunity to learn how to put the theory into practice with Bob Moesta, a leading thinker in the field and one of the most brilliant business teachers on the planet. 

DateTimeZoom Link
Session One (3 hours)16 June 202111:00 – 14:00 ET / 16:00 – 19:00 BSTClick here to join the session
Session Two (2 hours)23 June 202111:00 – 13:00 ET / 16:00 – 18:00 BSTClick here to join the session

What did you learn from your interviews?

What did you struggle with?

What did you miss?



Session One

Session Two


Videos to watch


If you want more background on Intercom’s Jobs research and how they applied it, here’s a great talk from Sian Townsend

If you’re not familiar with Bob Moesta’s background and approach, this is the best interview around (from the hundreds he’s recorded). 

You can also check out Bob and Chris Spiek’s 2013 BoS Conf session on JTBD with a live interview.

The Jobs Story (Template) 

Job stories should provide context and focus on the motivation of your user, not the implementation. 
When [situation], I want to [Motivation], so I can [Expected outcome] 

EG: When I go to BoS conference, I want to talk to Bob Moesta, so I can understand why my customers are not buying our new widget and save my job

Schedule time to interview customer using Jobs-to-be-Done.

Between sessions, you will apply the Jobs-to-be-Done principles and interviewing techniques you have learned to conduct a full JTBD interview with one of your users or clients. 

In the second session you’ll discuss your findings and Bob and Nopadon will answer your questions and offer advice about how you can improve your interview technique