Making your Marketing Work

A BoS Hangout with Asia Orangio

31st March, 7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm BST

Asia helps SaaS companies and startups reach (and exceed) their growth milestones – from the first 100 customers to the first 1,000. She helps founders makes sense of marketing and focus on things that count.

Join Asia Orangio, founder of DemandMaven to help answer some of the questions you have about making your marketing work better. Where to start? What numbers should you focus on? How can you tell if your marketing team, or outside agencies, are working on the things that matter to you? Stuck for ideas about what is working and what isn’t? Come along for an informal, friendly and open Q&A session with Asia and theBoS team. We want to know what’s on your mind and you’ll find some friendly faces, good advice and get to spend time with some smart marketing folk.

As always, you can submit questions in advance or pitch in person on the day.

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BoS Conf Online.Spring

You can also catch Asia at BoS Conf Online.Spring on 26-27 April as she talks all things marketing in an interactive discussion session.

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