Covid Information and Precautions

Currently there are no government Covid restrictions or specific requirements for large or small events in the UK. It’s important to us that we provide a safe environment for our attendees & team.

  • We encourage attendees to have an up to date Covid vaccination.
  • We ask that you respect other attendees’ mask-wearing and social distance preferences at all times.

Venue Measures

  • Churchill College, the venue, has made provision for sanitisation and hand-washing stations throughout the venue.
  • Attendees will be encouraged to wash and sanitise hands frequently.
  • Toilets & washrooms will be checked and cleaned regularly during the event by the venue.
  • Common areas will be wiped down regularly each day including doorknobs, lecterns, microphones, registration desk, tables, rubbish bins etc by the venue.
  • Food and drinks will be served by staff.
  • Outdoor networking and ventilation.

Weather permitting, we will be welcoming you outdoors to network, get to know one another and perhaps even learn a new skill.

Please note, these guidelines and requirements are based on current government and venue guidelines and may be subject to change as advice changes.

  • We reserve the right to amend the guidelines and requirements at our discretion.
  • Attendees will be informed of any substantive changes in writing at the earliest opportunity.

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