“I’ve now attended 17 BoS Conferences & all provided ideas we used to grow our company. This is the most important conference that I attend. Period.” - Shawn Anderson (Co-Founder/CEO,

BoS Conf Online.Fall // 27-29 September 2021

Business of Software Conferences are multi-day events for entrepreneurs and leaders building sustainable software & SaaS companies.

You’ll hear talks from industry leaders on anything from marketing to leadership, hiring to mental health and everything in between. Past speakers have included Gail Goodman (former-CEO, Constant Contact), David Heinemeier Hansson (co-founder & CTO, Basecamp), Kathy Sierra (author, Badass: Making Users Awesome), Scott Farquhar (co-founder & CEO, Atlassian), Bob Moesta (founder, The ReWired Group), and Dharmesh Shah (co-founder & CTO, Hubspot).

BoS Conferences are intentionally small – never more than 400 people. We run small conferences where you make real, important connections. You’ll meet your peers from across the software industry – people who think like you and are concerned with building great software businesses and products. We curate an intimate atmosphere where guests are encouraged to learn from one another and help each other through their challenges, not shout or boast about personal achievements. The community is helpful, engaged, and caring. It’s pretty special.

The result? You’ll leave a BoS conference with ideas about how to grow your business to the next level, and the contacts to make it happen.

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BoS Conf Online.Fall

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Fresh talks on entrepreneurship, product, marketing, leadership, hiring, and more dropping each week. Upcoming talk releases include:

  • Jason Fried (CEO/Founder, Basecamp & Hey) on launching Hey
  • April Dunford (Author, Obviously Awesome) on why you should stop selling your product
  • Dharmesh Shah (CTO/Founder, Hubspot) on facing fears as an entrepreneur

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