Things to do in Raleigh during BoS week

Quiet Light have arranged for a fun – and perhaps competitive – Treasure Hunt across Raleigh for BoS attendees on Sunday 1 October (whilst the BoS team are busy setting up the venue!).

It all begins outside Marriott City Center Hotel at 4:30pm where the Quiet Light team will meet you before heading to the Sir Walter Raleigh statue outside the Raleigh Convention Center, to meet the treasure hunt guides. After an initial welcome, introductions, and safety briefing, our treasure hunt guide will set the stage for your treasure hunt experience!

Teams will take off from here on a thrilling scavenger hunt around downtown Raleigh where they will search outside for clues, solve puzzles, and crack codes to ultimately unlock the treasure chest and reveal the prize inside! The hunt will take you to some of the most historical, artistic, and unique locations around the downtown area.

The entire experience will take about 60 minutes. The hunt includes walking from location to location for a total of about two miles and you can take it at your own pace (as much as your competitive spirit allows)

Last year Quiet Light hosted a bunch of attendees on the roads and river of Boston MA!

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