Talking AI at BoS USA

As technology continues to reshape industries at an unprecedented pace, discussions about the impact of AI on the workforce have become increasingly relevant. Greg Baugues delves into the world of embracing AI in his NEW talk for 2023: Someone Using AI Will Take Your Job

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The session will challenge you to consider the role of artificial intelligence in the job market and our professional lives. With AI’s rapid advancements, it’s natural to wonder how our roles might evolve and adapt.

Rather than fearing the unknown, this talk encourages us to embrace change and look at AI as a complement to human skills rather than a threat. By understanding how AI can enhance our capabilities, we can focus on upskilling, reskilling, and finding new ways to collaborate with technology.

The landscape of work is evolving, and our ability to navigate these changes will determine our success. Let’s engage in conversations around AI, automation, and job evolution to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve.

You can explore the insights at the Business of Software USA 2023 conference and share your thoughts on how AI might impact your industry or role.

Let’s harness the power of AI to unlock new opportunities and shape a future where technology and human potential work hand in hand.

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