Mental Health: What You Can Do

In this impactful talk Greg Baugues, when he was at Twilio, discusses the challenges that many professionals in the tech sector face when it comes to maintaining their mental health. The relentless pressure to innovate, the constant demand for high performance, and the constantly changing landscape can take a toll on even the most resilient minds.

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Greg not only highlights the realities of mental health challenges but also offers actionable insights on what we can all do to foster a healthier and more supportive environment. From recognizing the signs of burnout to implementing strategies for self-care, his talk is a treasure trove of practical advice for both individuals and organizations.

As the tech industry continues to shape the world around us, it’s imperative that we prioritise the well-being of the brilliant minds driving this progress. By openly discussing mental health and embracing positive changes, we can create a culture that nurtures not only innovation but also the holistic health of our community.

Let’s amplify the conversation about mental health in tech, share our thoughts, and commit to making positive changes together.

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Greg is back at BoS USA on 2-4 October 2023 exploring the insights on how AI might impact your industry or job role

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