Let’s embrace nakedness!

Jason Cohen’s talk on “Creating Naked Businesses” reminds us that sometimes, less is more. By focusing on the essentials, understanding our customers deeply, and embracing vulnerability, we can create businesses that stand out and truly resonate with our audience.

Jason’s talk from BoS 2011 evolves around the concept of stripping down a business to its core essentials – a “naked” approach. He believes that simplicity and a clear focus on what truly matters can lead to remarkable success. By shedding unnecessary complexities and buzzwords, businesses can uncover their authentic value proposition and deliver it directly to customers.

Jason emphasizes the importance of truly understanding your customers. By engaging in meaningful conversations and empathizing with their pain points, businesses can tailor their solutions to address real needs. This customer-centric approach not only builds trust but also fuels long-term growth.

“Naked businesses” also embrace vulnerability – being open about challenges, mistakes, and uncertainties – and this transparency builds a strong bond with customers and humanizes the business. When customers see the people behind the brand, it fosters authenticity and loyalty.

Jason will share his deep knowledge born out of building his own highly successful bootstrapped and venture funded businesses and advising hundreds of others at BoS USA 2023 this fall.

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