Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on 22 April aimed at promoting environmental awareness and encouraging people to take action to protect our planet. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day has become a global movement, with millions of people in more than 190 countries participating in various activities and events.

There are many ways that individuals and businesses can contribute to this effort. Some simple steps that everyone can take include reducing energy consumption, recycling, using eco-friendly products, and conserving water. Businesses can also adopt sustainable practices, such as reducing waste, minimising energy use, and investing in renewable energy sources.

In addition to these individual efforts, there are also many organisations and initiatives that are working to protect the environment and promote sustainability. These include conservation groups, green businesses, and government agencies that are focused on creating policies and regulations that promote environmental protection.

Ultimately, Earth Day is a reminder that we all have a role to play in protecting our planet. Whether through individual actions or collective efforts, we can all make a difference in creating a more sustainable future.

You’ll remember that over the past two years, we have been increasing our Recycling and reducing efforts, and we continue to look at how we can produce less waste here at BoS and how to walk lighter to reduce our impact on the world whilst still bringing you the best conferences you have come to expect. If you have any suggestions for more environmentally friendly things you think we could fold into our processes, send us a note with the details.

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