Tessa Clarke’s Big Idea and How it Came to Life. TED Talk. BoS Talk.

TED Talk

Tessa Clarke did a TED Talk – the surprising climate benefits of sharing your stuff.

Tessa’s TED Talk is short, eyeopening and suggests, backed by facts, that sharing things more could be part of the solution to climate change.

BoS Talk

Before she was TED famous, Tessa Clarke, CEO and founder of OLIO the foodwaste app, spoke at BoS Europe 2022. We think the story behind the company she and her co-founder created is remarkable without the potential for having an impact on the world.

She discussed how she started with a worthy goal – to make the world more sustainable – and has built a successful, sustainable and rapidly growing business.

OLIO is different.

  • OLIO is fully remote.
  • OLIO is Fifth on the list of ‘top 100 businesses to work for in 2021’.
  • Over 50% of OLIO’s staff are women and over 50% of staff are neurodivergent.
  • OLIO has closed over $50million funding from top VCs including Accel.

Watch both talks below and see how OLIO has taken a big idea and made it a business. They’re worth your time.

TED Talk. The Big Idea.

Tessa Clarke TED Talk – the surprising climate benefits of sharing your stuff.

Bringing the Big Idea to Life

You can see more from this including transcript of the conversation here.

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