Quiet Light takes Attendees on a tour of Cambridge

Hop-On Hop-Off Cambridge: Guided Open Top Bus Tour

The wonderful people over at Quiet Light are happy to announce they’re taking attendees on a tour of Cambridge before early registration on Sunday 26 March!

The CambridgeOpen top Tour Bus will take round all the sights of Cambridge:

Queen’s Road – Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial – Madingley Road – Grange Road – Silver Street – Downing Street – Bridge Street – Trinity Street – Market Street – Jesus Lane – Drummer Street – Parkside – Hills Road – Railway Station – Trumpington Road – The Fitzwilliam Museum – Silver Street

Meet the Quiet Light team at the Porters’ Lodge on Sunday 26 March, 3.45pm before heading off to catch the bus.

David and Christopher from Quiet Light enjoying some conversations at BoS Europe 2022

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