BoS Podcast : Mergers and Acquisitions

What is happening in M&A in 2022 and beyond?

Interesting conversation with Christopher Moore at Quiet Light Advisors on the state of the economy and how it has affected acquisition activity for SaaS and software companies.

2021/22 has been a frantic time for exits with a huge amount of capital deployed in rollups and acquisitions. However, many aggregators have found it harder than they expected to find the deals that work for them and the cost of capital has risen so while there is still an active market, many are being more choosy about the deals they do.

Christopher discusses what buyers are looking for, the outlook for the market and how entrepreneurs can best prepare for their sale. You might be surprised to hear an M&A guy say that many entrepreneurs should not sell. He explains why he thinks that is the case and why entrepreneurs should run their business as if they will never sell but be in a position to sell tomorrow if they had to.


Preparing for Exit

If you are considering an exit for your business, you will have plenty of questions.

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